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Entrepreneur producteur de bière Service microfinancement FEM

We offer micro-loans to companies with viable and socially responsible business projects which has been denied loans from traditional credit system institutions.

Our financial support at a glance:

  • A microcredit of up to $20,000;
  • Payment over a period of 12 to 36 months;
  • An affordable annual interest rate of 10%.

The micro-loans granted by our organization, the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie, are all “loans of honour”, that is to say, they are granted to the person and not to the company. The key to this entrepreneurial financing service is the trust between our organization and the individual who engages in his business project.          

Doing business with us, the borrower benefits from a loan without a systematic down payment requirement and usually without guarantee or bail from his entourage. This, despite a poor credit rating, low income or lack of assets to guarantee the loan, which, precisely, makes them eligible to receive the microcredit.        

There are no restrictions on the promoter’s age or gender; we accept all activity sectors and all legal forms of companies at different stages of development.


Partnership between La Ruche and FEMontérégie

Are you a Montérégie entrepreneur excluded from the traditional credit system?

Are you considering doing a campaign on La Ruche, the leader in crowdfunding in Quebec?

If you answered yes to these two questions, our new additional funding program is for you! You could benefit from an advantageous loan representing:

  • An additional dollar ($1) of funding for each dollar obtained in crowdfunding ($1: $1) up to a maximum of $10,000 per project;
  • A prime rate (0.5% interest rate reduction on loan);
  • Application accelerated processing to the Fund (complete file submission to the Loan Committee within 15 working days);
  • Proximity support service, including technical follow-up, inherent in any credit granted by the FEMontérégie

Entrepreneurs will have to meet the eligibility requirements of our organization, the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie, and those who qualify will have access to loans of up to three (3) years length or bridge loans according to the terms established by our Board of Directors.

New loan funds for women in entrepreneurship

A contribution to the Montérégie women's success

To support women entrepreneurs in Montérégie, our organization, the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie, a MicroEntreprendre network proud member, presents, in partnership with Evol and Entreprendre Ici, this new loan fund financed by the Government of Canada.

The loan funds for women in entrepreneurship is…

  • Personalized and professional support;
  • A regional ecosystem;
  • Up to $20,000 in funding;
  • A loan term of up to 5 years.

The primary criteria for accessing it are…

  • The entrepreneur must be 19 years of age and over;
  • Women must primarily own 50% or more of eligible businesses;
  • Maximum business annual revenues can be up to $2 million;
  • Loan applicants must meet FEMontérégie and program eligibility criteria to be selected after analysis.

What are you waiting for to start or consolidate your company?

Contact us to learn more about this financial program to support women aiming high!


The purpose of our proximity support service is to foster the success of the company. Our organization advisors are there to help you.

Moreover, this follow-up service is inseparable when you have a loan with us. However, coaching can be offered even without a loan application. With or without micro-loans, local support has no cost for entrepreneurs.  

Entrepreneurial support is a continuous follow-up fully personalized where the entrepreneur receives the advice of an expert in entrepreneurial microcredit. Our advisors are oriented to finding solutions, so our entrepreneurs act considering the context, the goals and the issues involved.

This support increases the company’s chances of success, and its proper functioning depends on the trust established between the entrepreneur and his advisor. To maximize this coaching service, you must feel comfortable and talk openly with your advisor.

When things turn complex or uncertain, or it’s time to plan, this service is timely to see clearly.


Proximity entrepreneurial support offered

Entrepreneur accompagnement entrepreneurial
Entrepreneurs Service formation FEMontérégie


Every entrepreneur must stay informed and always look for trends in their market if they want to remain competitive. At the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie, we support our entrepreneurs with additional training.

These occasional trainings are often organized by the Chambers of Commerce of the Montérégie or other organizations, and we pay the costs.

The entrepreneurs we support attend conferences dealing, among other things, with topics such as:

Strategic planning


Women Entrepreneurship

Stress management


Digital Marketing

Social networks

The sales pitch

Human Resources


This a great way to help them stay in the loop and, most importantly, encourage reflection. They often link this content and their learning or company needs to their entrepreneurial project advantage.


Exclusive services

In addition to micro-financing, proximity support and additional training, our entrepreneurs benefit from a wide range of exclusive and complementary services free of charge. They all aim to contribute to the supported project’s maintenance and success.

For many entrepreneurs, these exclusive services combined with proximity support make our organization a unique ally, essential to progress. Here are a few:

Réseautage Services exclusifs FEMontérégie

Participation in networking activities (5 to 7, business lunch, rotating dinner);

Invitation to take part in internal events;

Connecting with potential customers or partners;

PFSP grant (Professional Fees Support Path for entrepreneurs);

One-time grants to assist in special situations. For example, PARCovid or moratorium during the pandemic.

Thanks to these services, our entrepreneurs come out of isolation, share information and resources, experience mutual aid and exchange with other people living the same realities.

Our Services

Criteria for eligibility

Our services are mainly aimed at companies in Start-up, Growth or Consolidation/Recovery stages. The main eligibility criteria considered by our fund advisors and the Loans Committee in evaluating applications are:

  • The company must be located in Montérégie’s territory;
  • You have a business plan and financial forecasts over 2 years;
  • You demonstrate your project’s economic viability, for example, with comprehensive and fact-based market research, market testing, realistic financial plan, the ability to repay a loan, sales made;
  • Your project is consistent with our values: responsible for social and environmental impacts, sustainable job creation, distinctive contributions and services offered to the local community;
  • You have entrepreneurial and technical skills and competencies (depending on the sector of activity);
  • You can wait a reasonable amount of time to receive an answer. Please note that this process will take a minimum of 3 weeks.

1- Contact our advisors to receive information and validate eligibility

2- Fill your file: business plan; 2-year financial forecasts; Equifax file, including credit rating; completed financing request summary, among others

3- File presentation to the Loan Committee

4- Loan granting according to the conditions of the Loan Committee

5- Proximity support & more


Monteregian microfinance organization

The Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie covers the entire Montérégie, an administrative region of Quebec bounded on the west by the Montreal region and on the east by the Estrie and Centre-du-Québec regions. It includes 148 municipalities with a population of nearly 1.5 million.


Monteregian microfinance organization

The Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie covers the entire Montérégie, an administrative region of Quebec bounded on the west by the Montreal region and on the east by the Estrie and Centre-du-Québec regions. It includes 148 municipalities with a population of nearly 1.5 million.


Organisme de microfinancement montérégien

Le Fonds d’emprunt Montérégie couvre l’ensemble de la Montérégie, une région administrative du Québec délimitée à l’ouest par la région de Montréal et à l’est par les régions de l’Estrie et du Centre-du-Québec. Elle regroupe 148 municipalités qui comptent près de 1,5 million d’habitants

Territoire couvert FEMontérégie (1)

We answer your inquiries

What is Microcredit?

Small loans of up to $20,000 used to start, grow or consolidate a business.

Quebec Microcredit is based on what concept?

Quebec microcredit is based on the international concept but adapted to our North American reality. It has a comprehensive approach, respecting our context and the needs of the regions of our province.

Where do the funds come from?

Funds come from donations and investments made by the community and the private sector, including foundations, financial institutions, NPOs and people like you who are committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

What is a start-up?

A start-up company has a clear business plan and realistic sales forecasts since it has already tested the market. Usually, made sales or has, at the very least, serious potential contracts.

What is a growing company?

The growing business meets or exceeds established projections. There is an effervescence for the product or service, and the customer has given sufficient qualitative feedback. Contrary to what one might think, an expanding company might not yet be at the break-even point.

What is a company in consolidation/recovery?

A company that needs to consolidate or get back on track with its finances is going through a difficult period in its business development. This is often a stage where we still see a clear potential for recovery. It could be a new client for us or an existing one who has met certain situations that compromise its stability.

Are there any excluded sectors?

Accepted entrepreneurial projects must be in line with our values. We generally accept all industries except sexual, religious, political, or controversial businesses.

Can I get a loan even with a bad credit score?

Yes. Our services are particularly aimed at those with a precarious financial situation with a “bad” credit rating or low income. Nevertheless, we assess the viability of the project and their repayment capacity.

Can I apply for a microloan without having a business plan?

You must have a solid business plan and financial forecasts over 2 years. Our advisors can offer you support to complete it.

Do you accept pre-start projects?

Not yet. However, pre-start projects may be accepted in the future for amounts between $2,000 and $5,000. Be on the lookout for nano-loans!

Can I be couched without having a loan from you?

Yes, absolutely! You can receive free support/coaching without having a loan with us. The success of all Montérégie entrepreneurs is our mission.

What is a financial arrangement?

Financial arrangements are loans involving several partners such as financial institutions or organizations. Organizations offering micro-loans, including the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie, join in to complete enough money to allow you to move forward with your project. For example:

  • The amounts are at the maximum for each of the partners of the arrangement, but a sum of $20,000 or less is still missing;
  • In some cases, microcredit can be used to pay for what other lenders do not want to finance.
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