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Rich and diverse territory

In Montérégie, when an individual who does not have access to traditional credit needs micro-financing his business, it is the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie that he calls upon.

We are the economic development organization responsible for helping all those with a viable entrepreneurial project, whether in the start-up, growth, or consolidation/recovery stage, but who are refused loan applications.

The FEMontérégie is there to support the entrepreneurs of  fifteen regional county municipalities (RCMs) and equivalent territories (ET):

  • Acton MRC
  • MRC de Pierre – De Saurel
  • MRC des Maskoutains
  • MRC de Rouville
  • MRC du Haut – Richelieu
  • MRC Vallée-du-Richelieu
  • Agglomeration of Longueuil
  • MRC Marguerite-D’Youville
  • MRC de Roussillon
  • MRC des Jardins-de-Napierville
  • MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent
  • MRC de Beauharnois-Salaberry
  • MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges

An organization that makes an impact

We grant loans and offer local support without discrimination of age, sex, or origin for all types of businesses at different stages of development.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Fonds d'Emprunt Montérégie we help businesses that do not have access to traditional financing, contributing to our region's economic development.
Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our goal is to welcome, evaluate and support start-up, growth and consolidation/turnaround projects that wouldn't start or continue without our support.
Our Vision

Our Vision

At the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie, we promote the success of entrepreneurs by validating the business project viability and realism and constantly monitoring their progress.
Homme latino qui travaille approche FEM
Jeune femme qui travaille approche FEM

The FEMontérégie, an organization that goes further!

Since, for us, the human comes before the business, we place the individual at the center of our activities. Our global approach allows us to consider all the variables that influence the entrepreneur’s life to guide him better in his search for economic empowerment so that he can finally take his entrepreneurial growth.

We establish together a relationship of trust that results in free proximity support where the micro-borrower benefits from a personalized and continuous coaching service and other exclusive services.


Accepted in 2020-2021


Sur le territoire de la Montérégie


A diversified clientele

Our clients are motivated and talented people who want to develop their financial autonomy and fulfill themselves through ambitious projects, including:

  • 40 years old entrepreneurs and over: they want to make a living from their passion, but all the programs offered are aimed at people aged 39 and under.
  • The immigrant entrepreneur has a job well below his qualifications, so he chooses to make his own way through entrepreneurship.
  • The entrepreneurial mother: she has had a professional career but wants to be closer to her children.

An inclusive approach to financing

Since 2001, the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie has devoted all its efforts to granting community and private sector loans to individuals in a precarious financial situation and wishing to start or develop their businesses.

Named Association Communautaire d ‘Emprunt de la Rive-Sud (ACERS) until 2018, the FEMontérégie was born from a request for local support from the Economy and Faith Committee of the diocese of St-Jean-Longueuil in 2001. The same year, ACERS obtained its incorporation and patent letters, thus confirming the official constitution of our organization regarding the Government of Quebec. In 2003, it joined the Réseau québécois du crédit communautaire (RQCC), now MicroEntreprendre, and received federal recognition as a charity.

Today, the Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie is the economic development organization responsible for microcredit throughout the Montérégie territory. It belongs to the MicroEntreprendre Network, the leader in entrepreneurial microcredit operating in the 17 regions of Quebec. Its physical and territorial accessibility is possible thanks to its 20 members, offering favourable repayment conditions. Quebec’s microcredit network, MicroEntreprendre, has supported nearly 31,322 entrepreneurs and generated more than 12,904 jobs.

The Fonds d’Emprunt Montérégie relies on the Ministère de l’Économie et de l ‘Innovation (MEI) financial support, which subsidizes its current operations. Thus, it ensures that 100% of the grants and loans directly support entrepreneurs in the Montérégie region.

Partnerships with, among others, the Business Development Bank of Canada, La Ruche, Evol, Futurpreneur, Microcrédit Desjardins aux Entreprises (MDE) and Continuums allow the FEMontérégie to have a complete offer, including the opportunity to collaborate in financial arrangements and support a wider range of entrepreneurs.


That makes the difference


We work with a diverse clientele excluded from the traditional credit system


The sense of community and mutual help guide our actions and those of our investors

Sust. Development

Our implication in our environment, in the future, and our actions are ethical and socially responsible.


Our comprehensive approach takes into account the social and economic needs of people in our region


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